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Mucky Weekender 2021

Mucky Weekender

Here is an extract from the “Rockumentary Review” I did for this awesome festival in 2021.

Barry Ashworth

Rockumentary Review / Mucky Weekender 2021

Hosted by Dub Pistol “Barry Ashworth”

It’s been two years since we’ve been let loose in a field to dance in the elements under the stars. Something that was so incredibly ‘normal’ in the world of what we knew. The build up to this particular festival has been pretty exciting for many reasons. There are festivals and there are festivals. What I’m trying to say is this; Some want to simply pick a selection of the commercial kind of pop chart artists who will sell tickets and create a gathering that consists of a stage, some food stalls and a big fat bar. Then, there are others, who create a vibe. Now a vibe cannot be purchased. In other words, money cannot buy this. Set in the heart of nature, in the green fields of Winchester, one man had an ‘idea’. To create a festival, for the people. A festival for like minded folk. A gathering for adults. Camaraderie at it’s most humble and finest degree. This was a festival created by an artist for artists. There was no VIP, we were all as one, together, with one massive uniting force, “music”. His name? Barry Ashworth. Mostly known by his remarkable success with his band “Dub Pistols”. I couldn’t begin to list the exact running of events of what happened, as you see, if you didn’t go, you didn’t go. Those who made the effort, who trusted the process, they were there, and they loved it. We all loved it. I loved it.

Event Photography by Gem Rey

Mucky Weekender

Rockumentary Review / Mucky Weekender 2021

You can find the full review here

Ragga Twins

Ragga Twins / Mucky Weekender 2021