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I recall photographing the ‘Artful Badger’ at Wilderness Festival one Summer’s afternoon. It was a few years back now… don’t ask me how many. It was early evening and you know how it is at festivals, people are all shimmying their way through in their own way, but together. Suddenly in what seemed like the flick of a switch, the dance floor just vibed to the universe and people just piled into the tent from all around. Camera in hand I joined in and just started taking pictures. Everyone loving every single second of this set. The best part was that it wasn’t just for a moment, for a track, this sound and rhythm continued on track after track after track. I danced my way through the entire set, camera and all. When the final track had been played, the crowd hugged and cheered, we were as one. I went up to the DJ booth and enquired, “What is your name?”
Wearing his captains hat, a crazy cape and some funky glasses, he looked at me and grinned, “I’m Stretch.”
Well, to this day, Stretch has continued to rock that dance floor and has been the heart and soul of many a party that I have had the pleasure of attending. A Secret Garden Party legend as many of you will know. He is also a music teacher at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. How blessed are they who get to learn from this guy.

Each day is a day. On this particular day, the good news is finally out!
Professor Stretch has been hard at work this 2019 and one of his projects is this very cool remix for none other than the Culture Club hero himself, Boy George. When presented with the opportunity to do a remix for the track Runaway Train Ft Gladys Knight, Stretch decided to do his own re-interpretation of the Culture Club original. In Stretch’s words, ‘discotastic’ to be precise. It is always important in life to do projects the way “you” think are right, not how you think someone else is wanting them to be. It is your individuality that people are looking for. Just do your style, your way, your vibe. That is exactly what happened, and guess what? Boy George loved it! So do we. Boy George continues to push on through with fashion and sound and we love seeing what he does.

Released today. Remix by DJ Marbles and Professor Stretch.
Spotify link here:

Check it out.


Bring on the next one guys.

Merry Christmas.


gem rey x