Gem Rey

GIVE! 2021


Festival Photography by Gem Rey

Here is an extract from the “Rockumentary Review” from GIVE! 2021

What’s in a name? In this case, everything. Life is about love, sharing and “giving”. Being there. You can only be part of these things if you make the effort to do just that, “Be Here Now”. 5 years on and I’ve now just come back from my fourth GIVE! Hosted by Ben Taylor, House of Honey, who was part of the original Kimberley parties that began many moons ago. Ben has carried on this collective and created an absolutely unique family gathering of genuinely creative and beautiful people. A tribe of old and new. The younger generation now starting to pick up the pace with their own stomping DJ sets rocking the dance floor together with the mature and well respected members of this musical industry. Each year there is a colour theme. Due to the pandemic it had been two years since this event had been able to take place. 2021 took the character of “The Fire Phoenix”. Orange being the dominant colour. I did laugh when Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols) arrived in his orange waist coat and exclaimed that we all looked like an “Easy Jet” party, or perhaps a bunch of party going convicts.

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