Gem Rey

Musicians / Artists

With extensive creative experience in the industry, I’ve masterfully captured live gigs, crafted iconic album covers, and created engaging social media content that resonates and captivates audiences.

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Gem Rey combines expertise and artistry to capture headshots that radiate professionalism and individuality, ensuring you make an unforgettable impression.

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With two decades of expertise in wedding photography, rest assured that every cherished moment of your special day will be captured with elegance and precision, immortalizing the magic in each frame.

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Organizing a birthday party or a grand celebration? Entrust Gem Rey with the task of encapsulating each priceless moment with her adept photography skills, ensuring your special occasions are forever etched in stunning visual narratives.

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Gem Rey has earned acclaim for her adept ability to encapsulate the dynamic energy and professional ambiance of corporate events, transforming fleeting moments into timeless visual narratives with her meticulous and artistic photography.

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Gem Rey is the esteemed photographer who beautifully captures the anticipation, joy, and radiant beauty of pregnancy, immortalizing the intimate journey of your baby bump through her lens with grace and creativity.

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Working closely with Rob at Classic Custom Works – Penn – I have taken both business, stylised, website and branding shots for the business to elevate the website and to showcase his outstanding work on some of the worlds most beautiful machines



fashion photography


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Sir Elton John



interior photography



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Wedding Photography



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Wedding Photography


Raja Ram
“Love your pictures. Filled with love and clarity. Can pick your style now anywhere.”

John Leckie, Music Producer (The Beatles, Radiohead)
“Gem Rey Rock’n’roll photographer to the stars!”

“Thank you so much for these, they’re absolutely brilliant!”

Paul Linney – DJ
“Massive thanks to Gem Rey for taking the photos on Saturday night. The pictures are amazing. Gem is the go to photographer for a lot of festivals and bands and you can see why.”

Dave Barbarossa
“A classy production. Congratulations Gem. A labour of love. Really good work.

Jeff Horton ~ Owner “The 100 Club”

Ana Trovero
“I love all her photos. For me everything went too fast so all her pictures freeze those beautiful and magic moments that I don’t want to forget.”

Fat Freddy’s Drop
“Kia ora Gem, Photos are gold. Such a joy to receive. Wow. Freddy’s are very spoilt.”


VLMillinery Photoshoot

"I have always admired past eras where women wore hats every day for etiquette and fashion,
not just for special occasions"

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Art By Gem Rey

A new independent art gallery has opened it's doors to the public. Located in the heart of Buckinghamshire, this lovely venue features a collective of artists with a variety of different platforms. Gem Rey has some of her limited edition artworks on display and...

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Penn Street Gallery

GIVE! 2022

GIVE! 2022 A big "Thank You" to our legendary host Ben Taylor. What you provide for us all is truly special. The theme? Hot Pink. The costumes and the smiles that go with them are what I love the most about this party. If you're not dressed up in something...

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Party Photography

Fat Freddy’s Drop, London 2022

Fat Freddy's Drop. Alexandra Park. 2022 Fat Freddy's Drop, Alexandra Park, London Friday 25th July 2022. Now that's a date I will treasure in my diary for the rest of my days! New Zealand artists "Fat Freddy's Drop" finally returned to our shores to perform here in...

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Fat Freddy's Drop

GIVE! 2021

GIVE! Festival Photography by Gem Rey Here is an extract from the "Rockumentary Review" from GIVE! 2021 What’s in a name? In this case, everything. Life is about love, sharing and “giving”. Being there. You can only be part of these things if you make the effort to...

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GIVE! 2021

Mucky Weekender 2021

Mucky Weekender Here is an extract from the "Rockumentary Review" I did for this awesome festival in 2021. Hosted by Dub Pistol "Barry Ashworth" It’s been two years since we’ve been let loose in a field to dance in the elements under the stars. Something that was...

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Bez Happy Monday's

Artist & Manager Awards 2021

In December 2021 I was asked to attend and photograph the "Artist & Manager Awards" by music producer and artist William Orbit. Check out my "Rockumentary Review" here: William Orbit at The Artist And Manager Awards To read the full article and view the images,...

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Sir Elton John

Wigmore Hall

Christian McBride & Joshua Redman London event photography by Gem Rey at Wigmore Hall on 28th May 2022 Christian McBride arrived for a Q & A before the show. A lovely intimate conversation with those who arrived early enough to see it. Christian spoke about...

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Wigmore Hall

Gramophone Awards 2019

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Wins Orchestra Of The Year Award On 18th October 2019 I was hired by the "HK Philharmonic Orchestra" to photograph the "Gramophone Awards". Now this is like the Oscars for the classical music world, it's a big deal. The venue for...

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Gramophone Awards 2019

Too Many T’s

Shindig Festival 2022 I was grateful to have been asked to photograph "Too Many T's" at Shindig Festival 2022. Set in the heart of Sommerset in the pretty green fields among the sparkly lights, I love this little festival. It ticks all the boxes of what a small...

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too many t's

About GEM rey

Gem Rey stands as a luminary in the realm of photography and videography, having collaborated with some of the world’s most eminent music producers, record labels, and electronica DJs. Her knack for blending the aesthetic with the auditory has positioned her as a go-to creator for a range of clientele – from music industry titans to corporate conglomerates. Her work encompasses a broad spectrum, from travel snapshots to event chronicles, all crafted with a distinctive vision that transforms ideas into palpable realities. With the digital age in full swing, Gem Rey capitalizes on her talents to craft engaging content tailor-made for platforms like social media and websites. Whether it’s a music video, a candid interview, an advertising campaign, or branding initiatives, she captures the essence with a finesse that speaks volumes. Her contributions to press and PR further underscore her versatility, making her an invaluable asset in the world of creative content.