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In The Green Room

Come & join us & tune in. Hear it like it is from the music industry and those around it. Jeff Horton speaks about the importance of having a charity that is targeted at the music industry. Jeff is owner of the famous London venue “The 100 Club”. The club was visited recently by Prince Charles & Camilla The Dutchess of Cornwall out of respect to save our industry venues. Wise words from Barry Ashworth & Seanie T ~ Dub Pistols. The talented actress Denise Black speaks out about why she loves what Tonic is about and what Tonic can do for you. Music journalist Ian Winwood talks about his life’s journey and how working in the music industry provided a freedom in which to run wild and how the support that now exists is so very important with what Tonic represents. Adam Ficek ~ Babyshambles & trained psychotherapist has certainly lived through the highs & lows of life as a successful artist in the media while trying to navigate the tectonics of fame & the need for a nurturing path. Adam is now working closely with Tonic on the peer support groups. 

Tonic provides a selection of classes & programs. These are FREE to music industry professionals. They’re pretty incredible and will give you confidence, knowledge & most importantly the backbone of a charity who is clearly on the right path & simply ‘gets it’. They even have their own ska choir! 

It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Tonic Music For Mental Health / Tonic Rider.

We all really hope you enjoy this film. 

Film / Edit : Gem Rey / Rockumentary TV.

Music : Dub Pistols, Adam Ficek.

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