Gem Rey

Niall Power – Shaking Not Stirred

During lockdown I created a film. It is now available to watch on YouTube.

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Drummer Niall Power arrived at an audition for Bob Geldof’s band. He got the job and that lasted 25 years. With an incredibly successful career behind him, the unexpected arrival of Parkinson’s disease forced him to put the drum sticks to rest. 

That said, how you deal with a diagnosis is different for everyone. Power is utterly inspirational. He speaks about how he dealt with the news and he is fighting back. One wonders if he might actually beat this. 

Featuring some archive footage of David Bowie and Niall’s wonderful stories of life on the road.

Author of “Timing is Everything”. 

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With special thanks to Ian Tregoning for the use of his studio. Dave Barbarossa for the loan of his drum kit (Adam & The Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Republica). Jim Russell for the filming space. Michael Hopkins ~ Score. Mike Perry & Chris Thow ~ Music. From Niall himself, a big thank you to Bob Geldof, for everything.



Tom Smyth

“This should be viewed by the whole of YouTube. A brilliant man.” 

Michael Campbell.

“Thank you Niall. That was not easy for you. I listened to every word, watched every move and smile.Musicians are created to perform their God given talent and boy, did you perform.” ~ 

Mark O’Neil

“Beautiful piece of film. An inspirational documentary. Love the stories. Niall if you read this, my very best to you. M.”

Rod Quinn

“A brilliant, inspirational documentary. Very well done to Niall and all involved.”

Paul Bell

“Love this. video and love this man”.

Stephen Murphy

“What an inspiring and powerful video from a True Shadower , Niall. i remember hearing you ”batin” the drums in your house or yard whenever our family were visiting our Aunt Nancy Fahy. You have always been a pleasure to chat to back then and you have not changed in any way. Enjoy your memories, we will always appreciate your music. Go raibh maith agat as an gceo”. 

Pete Briquette

“Great documentary by the main man behind the kit for most of Bob’s solo band. Interesting behind the scenes glimpses at what makes a band breath and why anybody would play drums! Also equally important look at living with Parkinsons and what a real fighter who will never lie down looks like. That would be Niall. 

However he never mentioned once that I taught him how to make a decent cup of tea.”

Steve Rawson 

“What an endearing human story. I’d recommend that every musician, everyone interested in music and every aspiring musician should watch this and, of course, those that may be challenged by health issues. Niall tells a ‘no airs or graces’ story of aspirations to be – and life on the road for a working musician. A wonderfully human story. Congratulation must also go to the production team – there are no gimmicky graphics, no clever interviewer getting in the way of the story. Well done Niall. Well done Rockumentary. A big Thank You to all involved!!”

Martin McEvoy

Just watched start to finish – Niall’s warmth, humility and values shine so brightly. Really compelling – should be on every school curriculum…. 

Bravo Niall

Jim O’Sullivan

We just watched it Niall, brilliant, you’re a natural, they should give you your own talk show. Really brilliant ?

Paul Bell

“This is my good friend Niall Power’s story. If you know Niall you have to watch it. If you don’t know Niall you have to watch it. Niall is an incredible drummer/ musician/ singer and a true gentleman. This film of his story is full of everything that makes him the person he is… wit, charm, honesty, integrity, strength, humility, intelligence, kindness and more… I had the privilege of being in 3 bands with Niall over the years. I loved this little film and I love this man. Thanks Niall Power”. 

Denis Woods 

“I have known Niall for decades and played in many bands with him over the years. An amazing drummer and more importantly an amazing human being.”


All footage in this film is copyrighted ©

I am so glad I was able to make this film.

Thank you.


x Gem Rey