Gem Rey



The legendary and rightly named ‘Godfather of Trance’. Working with Raj, as many of you have also had the opportunity to do so, you will undoubtedly agree it is nothing less than a privilege. Not just because of his musical talent, but for the love and the joy that he brings. For his ability to bring laughter into a room – I have never laughed so much trying to edit a project as I have when working with Raj and Mr Simon Posford. I had streams of tears of giggles rolling down my face for days! These two guys are simply genius, and completely hilarious. I still laugh at times when I recall these moments.
Raj is 79 years of age today. Well, my Grandmother has made it to 96, so keep going my friend.

From me to you, Raj, you are an absolute blessing to all who know you. Thank you for your sound. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for caring. Thank you for the light that you bring. Thank you for continuing to rock that dance floor and unite this everlasting tribe in the way that you do.

Happy Birthday.


Gem Rey x